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' " Cabrera wants to incorporate that contemplative theme into the video for "Photo" that is slated to be shot later this month.

There's no word yet on who will helm the clip, but fans can expect a lot of flashbacks and some location filming.

As a result, King Louis XIII’s personal bodyguards, Athos (Tom Burke), Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) and Porthos (Howard Charles), stand for social justice, honor and valor.

Created by Adrian Hodges (Primeval), the show also stars Luke Pasqualino, Peter Capaldi, Maimie Mc Coy, Tamla Kari and Hugh Speer. TOM BURKE: I had a few auditions, and then my agent told me that the director wanted to talk to me on the phone. CHARLES: One of the biggest attractions for me was that it was Adrian Hodges. There was something about it being the right time and being done by the right people.

He also appeared in several dark matches prior to Raw and Smack Down, and at several ECW house shows.

It’s nice to approach it from that angle because you don’t have these preconceived ideas of what it is and you have more ownership of it. They’ve all had very different experiences, but they all know the value of life and know that it’s very fragile. The name Athos actually comes from a mountain in Greece that is a holy mountain where women aren’t allowed. There’s a sadness there, but I really think he feels levitated by the others.

It can’t really be compared to any of the other movies or anything that’s been made of it. CABRERA: They’re very close and have a respect for each other. I’m sure you’ve had moments where you just get someone and they get you. Whether it’s for Queen and country or King and country, when you’re in the trenches, you’re fighting for each other, but there’s the guy who’s watching your back and is going to protect you, and vice versa. It crosses over and becomes something deeper than just, “I’m a solider, and you’re a soldier.” You have to be brothers in arms, and it’s a more meaningful connection. In the past, there is a backstory of a first love that didn’t work out, so he’s trying to find something that he’s not finding.

It’s like family, you don’t need to pry into every detail. CHARLES: I think Porthos is terrified of every being back in the dark spot that he was born into. What I find very appealing is the childish aspect to them.

After spending four years wrestling on the independent circuit as Ryan Payne O'Reilly, Parmeter signed a WWE contract in 2005, and was assigned to Deep South Wrestling (DSW), a developmental territory, where he wrestled as Rough House O'Reilly.

He won the DSW Heavyweight Championship twice, before briefly appearing in Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW).