Stalker sarah dating

He had a different version of the story, and claimed that he left voluntarily due to his fame – not in “10 minutes because he wasn’t invited”.Fans went digging for evidence – which mostly consisted of the revelation that they “like” each other’s Instagram photos and sometimes hang out. However, Stalker Sarah recently bumped into them at dinner, and the paparazzi caught everything on video.

Fans quickly responded and immediately assumed that it was a date – and that Madison was Jack’s girlfriend. “I have never shipped something so hard in my life,” one fan said.

Demi opened up Sarah’s Instagram, and posted angry messages on a ton of photos.

For example, Sarah once posted this photo with Demi, and captioned, “My girl Demi!

Sarah also posted a corresponding video – but Nash Grier had a different story.

On a “Nash Grier News” Instagram account, Nash commented on a repost of the incident.