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Paul, Minn., police officer and FBI sex-trafficking task force member Heather Weyker met in secret with a girl, who the government said was the victim and is named in documents as Jane Doe 2, even after the girl's parents objected.

The girl was a habitual runaway who had history with police and had been in juvenile detention before.

The number of rapes rose sharply, making the simple act of going to the bathroom a life-risking activity.

"They simply came and waited for women between their house and bathrooms," said Fatima Nor, who said she was once attacked but escaped when her husband intervened. I think having light scares the predators." Mohamed Bundu, the Mogadishu director for the Danish Refugee Council, said that in addition to the extra security the May installation of the lights brought, they are also helping children study and businesses attract customers.

Women living in Mogadishu's hundreds of refugee camps often stay and don't use communal bathrooms at home at night because of the threat men armed with knives and guns pose to them.

With the installation of 79 solar-powered lights by the Danish Refugee Council in a camp known as Zone K, life has returned to Mogadishu's nights.

MPs have raised concerns that outlawing it could drive the trade into the hands of al-Shabaab.

Mr Fatah, 38, unemployed, who suffers from depression, says he has been an “addict” for the past 20 years, spending around £9 day on three bundles which he buys from a local shop.“Plenty of people chew it. It is estimated that 10,000 bunches of khat are flown in from Kenya to London four times each week. This is the last time,” shouts one women good-naturedly as she walks across the gardens.Chatting women sitting outside makeshift homes at night is a new scene in a once-dark refugee camp in the Somali capital.In a city where darkness brings the threat of attack, recently installed solar lights are helping to ward off sexual assault.Then, with evidence of water ahead, the scouts lead their people and the herds to their next home.Three years ago, an American version of sahan led hundreds of Somali refugees from Atlanta to the sleepy, frozen former mill town of Lewiston, Maine.