Jessica and taeyeon dating thai dating email

The fans call themselves "SONEs", often stylized as S♥NE.It origins in the song "Tell Me Your Wish" from their first album because SONE written in Hangul is 소원 translating to "wish".Especially after the Eunhyuk-Twitter-Hacking incident, I’ve learnt not to take such shocking tweets so seriously after all.I was a bit worried though, that at that point in time (7AM, UTC 8) SM had not released an official statement saying that her Weibo account was hacked, even though it had been 1 hour after the post was made.Everyone knew that Taeyeon was never going to stick with mathematics.duology of a universe where Taeyeon is the nation's number one idol and Jessica is the actress who plays her love interest in her latest MV.Including the butterfly, there’s a fish next to his signature, which is Tae Yeon’s astrological sign – pisces.Our K-Pop idols are human too, so of course they date and fall in love with others!

It is not uncommon for hackers to gain access to their idol’s social networking accounts.Could it be possible that our kid leader of SNSD and world famous leader of BIG BANG are dating?The idea of the two dating had been circulating the rumor mill for a long time now.G-Dragon and Komatsu Nana Dating Rumor Confirmed With New Evidence? Communicating Through Instagram Tae Yeon left a mysterious message on Instagram with a photo captioned, “Where’s my boyfriend?” and G-Dragon soon uploaded a post on Instagram writing in Japanese “I will be in Japan for 3 days starting today.” G-Dragon who is never known to write such long descriptions sparked the curiosity of his fans with a long message written out in Japanese. Same Minds Dress Alike The two were spotted sporting similar coats, but what sparked the curiosity of shippers was Tae Yeon’s patch that said “Love Peace” … “Peace Minus One” is a phrase that is highly correlated with G-Dragon! Under the Moon Light G-Dragon posted a photo that appeared to be him covered in a clutter of small crescent moons.