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“I’m making photos no matter where I am so it came about in a very organic way.Jamaican street and Dancehall cultures house a potent melting pot of transient ideas. They excite me.” “In the ghetto communities sexuality is not a taboo topic,” he continues. Sexualised dance is a large part of the youth culture, hence the music is ‘Dance’ Hall.

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Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, is located on the southeastern coast of the island.These are local girls who are let in free if they wear bikini.“With the dance being so explicit it’s a fine line between who’s a stripper and who’s not," he adds.For a girl who already has to drive 2.5 hours to the closest airport and then take 2 flights to get to Jamaica?I was not digging the fact that I might have to get on a bus and drive 90 minutes to the resort once we finally got to Jamaica.