I currently dating a couple of anorexics

I wanted to try myself as well if I had self-discipline enough to not eat for a whole day. I didn’t know that I had this kind of power inside me.

I had had before very suicidal thoughts, when I was going through tough times in my family, but got past them as I met my now ex-boyfriend. I told my friend about this, and together we started to eat less, we changed meals into diet coke and so on.

At the beginning of high school I had this one good friend, with whom I spent almost all of my time with.

One day, she told me that she hasn’t eaten anything in 24 hours.

One early, and revealing, lesson: “We found that it’s really those overnight hours and weekends that teens are reaching out the most,” Jen Chiou, CTL’s executive director, told .

Despite sounding somewhat logical–late nights are when young people can be alone with their thoughts–those hours don’t match up with how centers currently serve young people dealing with serious issues like anorexia, depression, sexual abuse, and suicide.

Extroverts seem to be energized by socializing with other people and de-energised by too much time alone.

Introverts are drained by social situations (no matter how much they enjoy them) and energized by time alone.

Today I am going to focus on the introvert/extrovert aspect.She wanted to try if she’s able to do it, and had succeeded.Next thing she wanted to do was go to buy all kinds of sugary food, and she wanted me to join her.But having this in the past, I felt like making myself feel bad and sick was something I enjoyed doing. Occasionally we would have these “binge” moments, when we could eat sweets and chips and so on together.We didn’t really see this kind of behavior as concerning, and put it out on the table and discuss about it.