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A surprise call from his childhood friend Roger leads to an invite into another town, a different college, and another chance at what he wants most: a boyfriend.

Will he find what he's looking for, or further lose himself into the fantasy world crafted by Surfer Fox? Buy the game and enjoy many hours of amusing scenes and decisions.

Instead of increasing magsize, I lowered it to like 14 shots.

My goal was to change the magazine size of the sweeper rifle. I went into the editor, found the rifle and changed the following stat: Magsize -- weaponinex (frome 97 to 197).

Obviously it's not long before the topic comes back up, with Ferne asking if his willy was tattooed as well. Have you ever have worst date small talk than "what's your favourite condiment? After that, there's only one way things could go: He actually shows her the video!

Ferne had clearly felt like she had seen enough (ahem) and decided there wouldn't be a second date.

John's tranquility has transformed it into an artists' community of sorts, and several have stores in town. John's unspoiled beauty is its main draw -- the Virgin Islands National Park makes up two-thirds of the island.

But much of the development is confined to Cruz Bay, St. (The Rockefeller family donated the land in 1956.) Nestled within the park are Trunk Bay and Cinnamon Bay, each offering active pursuits in pristine waters.

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Just east of the dock is Wharfside Village, where you'll find powerboat rentals, grills and bars as well as stone-walled shopping haven Mongoose Junction.

Obviously E4 blurred the video out for broadcast, but that just made viewers want to see it more, including Queen of And look, we know by this point you just want to actually watch the video (don't even lie) but we can't actually embed it in the article because, if you hadn't noticed, it is VERY unsuitable for work.

But since it's our job to tell you what you want to know, the videos are right here.

That was the most obnoxious feature to me about GTA 4.

Praying it doesn't return in it's annoying state in 5.