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From Juliana Taiwo-Obalonye, Abuja Acting President Yemi Osinbajo has charged leaders on the continent to work towards ensuring Africans solve their problems themselves.He made the call on Friday in Kigali, Rwandan Capital, after attending the inauguration of President Paul Kagame, where he told journalists that African nations could take leadership in all respects. (Editor's Note: I am very pleased to make this collection of articles and letters available on this website and wish to thank the following organizations and individuals for granting permission to reprint their materials: the Biblical Archaeology Society and Bridget Young, its Executive Director, Gary Vikan, Walter C. Albert Dreisbach, Mark Guscin, Joseph Marino, Emanuela Marinelli, Gino Zaninotto, Dr. Mc Crone - Sidebar to Original Article Letters to the Editor - Reader responses published by Biblical Archaeology Review Deconstructing the "Debunking" of the Shroud by Daniel Scavone and an international group of researchers - Previously unpublished responses to the article Comments on the Radiocarbon Dating of the Turin Shroud by Dr. Karlheinz Dietz, John Markwardt, Mario Latendresse, Rev. Debunking The Shroud: Made by Human Hands by Gary Vikan - Original Article reprinted from Biblical Archaeology Review The Shroud Painting Explained by Walter C.

Civic trust chairman Phil Campbell said: “We have had a long term interest in that area and have always thought it should be a place people can enjoy.The supposition that the author was one and the same with the beloved disciple is often advanced as a means of insuring that the evangelist did witness Jesus' ministry.Two other passages are advanced as evidence of the same - and . does not claim that the author was the one who witnessed the scene but only that the scene is related on the sound basis of eyewitness.The project was a partnership initiative between housing developer Lovell, Allerdale council, Cockermouth Town Council, Jennings Brewery and Cockermouth Civic Trust, with Ashcroft contracted to complete the works.Riversmeet, a community co-operative based in Market Street, has now received £34,400 from the Heritage Lottery Fund for the next phase of the project.